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Navy 3.0

The Navy 3.0 is an electric propulsion system for motorboats and sailboats up to 3 tonne. The Navy 3.0 is able to do everything a 6 HP petrol outboard can delivering faster acceleration. Maintenance-free and remarkably quiet, working with our exclusive Navy battery, it delivers great performance and it also offers the convenience of the max battery parallel connection, which connects up to 8 packs for extended range.


The Navy 3.0 is constructed of high quality raw materials, it features a direct drive brushless motor with no moving parts, which means it’s more reliable, is lifetime maintenance free which means no service or petrol costs.


Like all ePropulsion electric outboards the Navy 3.0 has Zero Emission which makes it a more sustainable choice for an outboard motor, also eliminating any need to carry petrol on board.

Call us now to see if the Navy 3.0 is right for you

Beacon Marine - Cnr Westhaven Drive and Curran Street
(Under the Ponsonby cruising club)
09 360 0121

Sustainable boating

The  Navy 3.0 is clean, efficient and harmless on the marine environment. No fuel leak and exhaust-free. Reduce your carbon emissions for sustainable boating activities. ePropulsion is committed to providing a green boating drive system, helping to alleviate the environmental problems we face today.

The Navy 3.0 also reduces noise pollution with 60dB maximum operating noise - the sound of a normal conversation, and field orientated control means the motor operates with less vibrations.

The Navy Battery 

The Navy Battery is more than the outstanding capacity. It’s designed specifically for our Navy series, and it’s capable to discharge at the max current for hours. It looks good and performs even better.

Long- lasting for every ride
Advanced BMS – Safety comes first: includes six protection features
3042 Wh
A great capacity in a compact size
Aluminium Unibody Housing

Battery Management System

Lithium-ion battery
46.8 V nominal voltage
54.6 V final charging voltage
39 V cut-off voltage
0°C - 40°C / 32˚°F - 104°F charging temperature
-20°C - 65°C / -4°F - 149°F discharging temperature
Over 80% capacity after 500 cycles of 100% DOD
3 hrs charging time

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