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Innovative Electric Marine Propulsion

Electric propulsion systems are still relatively new to the New Zealand market. Beacon Marine is dedicated to bringing these products and systems to you.

As the world searches for a more sustainable future and electric cars are becoming more and more popular we believe that electric boats, propulsion systems and electric outboard motors should be given the same amount of attention.

ePropulsion is a company that was incubated in the same hub as DJI (drones) dedicated to the research and development of electric propulsion products. ePropulsion has been pioneering the way for electric outboards for 6 years and has patented technologies that no other electric outboard brands have.

Electric outboard motors are quiet, pollution free, lifetime maintenance free, are safe for the marine environment and it's habitants.


Spirit 1.0 Plus

Electric Outboard Motor

Spirit 1.0 Plus_1.png

Spirit 1.0 Plus

Portable And Long-Range Outboard Motor

Navy 3.0 Evo with Tiller_1.png
Navy 6.0 Evo with Evo Tiller_1.png

Navy Series

Electric Outboard Motor

Navy 3.0 Evo

3kW / 6HP

Navy 6.0 Evo

6kW / 9.9HP

VA-0000-00 Vaquita.png


Made for Every SUP Paddler

Interested in an electric motor or want to know more, come and have a chat to our team.

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